Anonymous asked:

As a certified Floridian, what's your favorite theme park in Florida? Or if that's too difficult, what's your favorite ride at each?

thatsmistertoyou answered:

oh god thats too hard of a question they all have their merits (except seaworld i dont think i’ll ever go back there bc blackfish)

well you see friend disney world is divided into 4 parks so i get four okay

  • magic kingdom - philharmagic! its not even a ride, its a 3d movie type thing (you can watch it here) and its like a religious experience for me. my family makes sure i sit in the middle of our group so i dont disturb strangers with my passionate singing along (im not kidding in the slightest. my brother smacks me for singing too much while we’re walking around magic kingdom. in line for journey of the little mermaid? LOOK AT THIS STUFF, ISNT IT NEAT? in the square with a fountain of gaston? NO ONE’S GOT A SWELL CLEFT IN HIS CHIN LIKE GASTON) 
  • hollywood studios (90s kids still call it MGM) - TOWER OF TERROR is my actual jam. pretty sure my stomach is still on that ride. i love the feeling of falling. honorable mention goes to toy story mania, which might be the greatest ride to ever exist.
  • animal kingdom - expedition everest! fairly good roller coaster but we usually skip this park altogether tbh. 
  • epcot - FUCKIN TEST TRACK. so much fun. also i have a very strong attachment to the boat ride in norway. 

for universal i get two also YOU CANT STOP ME

  • universal studios - revenge of the mummy! sam and i went on that like 6 times in a row at grad bash and it never got old. (jury is out bc ive never been on the rip ride rocket. long and tall as hell roller coaster where you get to pick your own music. the line has always been over 2 hours every time ive been.) 
  • islands of adventure - umm all of them?! the hulk is just an A+ roller coaster, but spiderman makes me so happy and the harry potter ride is a downright religious experience. you cant make me choose nope.

busch gardens - i have no problem choosing just one because SHIEKRA. one of the most intense experiences of my life its incredible. (Did i mention i like falling? yeah that.)